Payment Methods



For those not having a credit card our company enables cash deposit in bank. Upon the application of your order we give one (1) day so that you make the deposit and conclude your order. The name of the depositor as well as the order number must be written on the bank voucher. Otherwise your initial order is cancelled and you should make a new order. The account in which you can make the deposit is:




IBAN:FR76 3005 6000 6200 6203 6208 502




Purchases made through the Odette Ancel Paris online store are secured through trusted internet payment processing company PayPal. All personal debit and credit card information transmitted are handled PayPal's secure connections. All personal contact information transmitted to us will not be shared, sold or solicited. 

By choosing payment with paypal, you are given the chance to pay your order using the safest and more widespread way of paying worldwide. As soon as you complete the filling in of all the rest of your data requested for the entry of your order, you will automatically be transferred at the safe site of Paypal, where you will have the opportunity either to fill in directly the data of your credit card or to login your already existing Paypal account and use your stored data with just one click. By using Paypal for your transactions, you are giving the data of your credit cards only to Paypal and not to every e-store.